VIP complex of erotic massage "Hermitage"

There is no sex in the salon. Strictly. At all. Completely. Absolutely.


All services are not medical or health programs and cannot replace them.


Special offer!

+15 min. or 10% deposit on the bar
To choose from!

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get a discount 1000 rub
All events are on the program with above 6000 rub

Gift for birthday
15% discount
valid 3 days before and 3 days after

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10 rules when choosing a massage salon

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100% original photos of masseurs

In our salon we select girls by strict criteria of a model agency. We hire the masseurs suitable for these model parameters.

Сhoose the masseur

Everything is thoroughly thought-out

We provide for you:

- closed, secure parking places

- a sticker on the license plate when your car is on our parking place

- an umbrella which covers your face at the entrance to the room

- strict control of the exit of the guests from the rooms to eliminate any accidental meetings

- comfortable massage rooms with a jacuzzi

- disposable supplies

- flavourless hypoallergenic massage oils

- a hair dryer

Additional services
of the complex "Hermitage"

You can relax in the spa area with a swimming pool, jacuzzi and BBQ, relax in the hammam, play the Russian billiard or rent the mansion entirely, in this case, if you want, our beautiful masseurs and administrators may join you.

A sauna, a steam bath, a swimming pool and a recreation room

2000 rub. (60 min)

Scrubbing the whole body - 3000 rub. (20 min)

Peeling the feet - 4000 rub. (30 min)

Rent the SPA area - 2 000 rub. (60 minutes)

Rent a massage room in the SPA area - 1500 rub. (60 min)

Russian fun (sauna) 1500 rub. (60 minutes)

Overseas fun (hammam) 2000 rub. (60 minutes)


Sultan Rooms
Strip-bar, hookah

2000 rub. (60 minutes)

The program "For one" -5 000 rub. (1 hour) The tea ceremony (nuts, honey, candied fruit, biscuits) Three private dances

The "Duet" - 7500 rub. (1 hour) The tea ceremony (two teapots) (nuts, honey, candied fruit, biscuits) four private dances

Rent of the hall - (for up to 3 persons) - 2 000 rub. (60 minutes)

Rent of the hall for 4 or more guests - 500 rub. / person. (2 hours minimum)

Tea Ceremony - 1000 rub. (nuts, honey, candied fruit, biscuits)

Hookah on the bowl of fresh fruit - 2 000 rub.

"Lady tequila" -1 200 rub.

"Ambulance" - 1 000 rub.

"Romantic" with a masseur - 3300 rub.

"Romantic" with the administrator - 5000 rub.


Billiard room and Lux room
The official 12-foot table for billiard 2007 World Cup

3000 rub. (60 min)

- To rent a billiard room it’s enough to make a deposit for the bar at the rate of 3000 rub.

- Rent a Lux room

Hotel Lux room - 24 hours - 5000 rub.

Hotel Lux Room - 1 hour - 1500 rub.


Rent the entire complex
Rent 999.7 m2 -leisure complex "Hermitage"

100 000 rub. per day

To rent the entire complex, it is obligatory to reserve the date in advance and to make a 100% deposit

Rent of the complex for 12 hours - 70 000 rub.

Rent of the complex for 24 hours - 100 000 rub.

50% discount for all massage programs!