Work as the masseur in the leisure complex "Hermitage"


About the "Hermitage" complex

The leisure complex of erotic massage has been working since 2012. During this time we managed to maintain our reputation of a decent institution without providing services of an intimate nature. At the moment, we have more than 30 masseurs from all over the Russian Federation.

How much can you earn?

It depends on:

1. The time you spend with the guest- you are paid for every minute

2. What additions were taken by the guest

For example:

The average price of an hourly program is 6,000 rubles, you get 40% from each program. During the day you may have from 2 to 10 programs = 2400 * 5 programs = 12,000 rubles With the timetable two days after two per month, you can earn from 70 000 to 180 000 rubles - and this is strictly without intimacy!

Then you ask:

"How can I earn so much without intimacy?"


"It's very simple, 90% of our guests are wealthy men who have families and wives
You help men to feel new emotions, while he isnt unfaithful to his wife.
And whats more important- you do not overstep your moral and ethical standards.


Maria Nazarova
The manager of the salon

You will be trained to perform erotic massage

Training to perform erotic massage

When applying for the job, you will be trained to perform erotic massage. The price for such a training, without hiring a worker, is 40,000 rubles. After the training you will acquire the skills for the rest of your life that will impress every man.

Want to interview

+7 863 270 99 35

Comfortable rest area for the staff

Your comfort:
At your disposal you will have comfortable areas for the staff, where you can relax, make your make-up and get ready for work. If you have nowhere to live, at first you can live and work in the salon.

In the salon a security guard works every day, who will come to your room as soon as you push of the secret button. Our guests know about this, so we do not have such situations

Why is it worth working with us?

Salary 70 000 - 180 000

Daily payments at the end of the shift

Official employment

We can officially hire you by specifying any position in the documents.
You will be able to take the credits and to have the certificate that you work.


The schedule is formed individually.
This makes it possible to combine with study and other employment

Professional education

You will be trained to perform erotic massage free of charge (while it costs 40 000 rubles for non-employees)

Access to the SPA procedures of the complex

At your disposal there will be a sauna, a hammam and a swimming pool for relaxation.
And also wrapping in an infrared blanket to keep fit


If you need, we can give you a sleeping place, a personal locker and a cozy kitchen where you can cook your own food and get ready for work

Sign up for an interview and receive a free attending of a beauty salon

When applying for a job, we give you 5 000 rubles to make you even more beautiful. It can be a manicure, pedicure, hair coloring and so on.

+7 863 270 99 35